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Steel Gray OR Silver Pearl Granite has a medium grey background with a pebble effect within throughout the surface. Randomly present irregular veins provide a strong contrast to the stone. It is a hard stone, course grained, ideal as a granite worktop, this granite is one to use for almost any of your project. Steel Gray Granite has its own significant of characteristic towards strength, polishing, and scratch free and stain free stone. It is mainly used in flooring, in large residential scheme. More over because of its reasonable price people prefer to use as much as they can in Building construction activities. Basically the colour is unique can be adjusted with any other GRANITE COLOR .It has good strength, retain polish for longer period without any extra effort further it is easy to maintain Lifelong uses. It depends on the users choice among the other colourful granite available in the market. The unique combination of gray and white gives cool effect to eyes and attractive outlook because of its gray colour. Which also have heat resistance quality? There is no any other GRANITE ACCEPTABLE than the steel gray because of its above qualities. Steel Grey Granite being hard and sturdy is widely used in wall-cladding, roofing, vanity tops, flooring and other interior & exterior applications. It is also used in landscaping, making counter tops and table tops.

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